When a Sub Takes Control

Something a little wild got into me the other night and I behaved very out of character. Funny thing is to the average person this act is incredibly mundane, but to me, it was very new and exciting. You might be racking your brain to figure out what this is. Did she try a new toy, a new position, did she let a guy hang her from the ceiling, cluck like a chicken and sing the national anthem? No, it was so simple, you’ve probably done it before. I took control in bed!

Bill and I had just gotten back from dinner and were in bed. He had a little less than two hours until he had to leave to catch his flight. For some reason, he was completely naked, and I was still in my bra and panties (very out of character for us). We were laying on our sides pressed against each other, kissing. I slowly started to trace my hand down his chest, across his abs, until I reached his cock. As I began to stroke it, he moaned into my mouth. He reached around behind me to undo my bra. All of a sudden a switch went off in my brain.

“Don’t touch me unless I tell you that you can touch me,” I said to him in as stern but sultry a voice as I could muster. He looked at me, and several emotions ran over his face in quick succession: surprise, amusement, then excitement.

“Oooo, no?” he asked coyly. Moving his hands slowly over my back.

“No,” I said even more firmly. “Take your hands and put them over your head, don’t move them again unless I tell you to.”

He moved his hands above his head with a grin. “Anything else?”

“Don’t talk back, or I’m going to stop,” I said to him as I kept stroking his cock up and down. He merely nodded, knowing that I was serious. If there is one thing he’s learned about me it’s once I put my mind to something I am settled.

I laid like this for a while. Kissing him, stroking him, playing with him until he grew very hard. I straddled him and started kissing him again, then moved my head toward his neck, I felt his arm move. I merely made a disapproving noise, and it was back in place. I could feel that he was itching to touch me. I slowly started kissing my way down his chest, his abs, down the inner thigh of his right leg, so I just grazed his cock with my mouth, back up over his abs and down the inner thigh of his left leg. At that, he moaned in anticipation and frustration.

I moved my head until it was just above his cock. I flicked my tongue to graze the tip, at that he bucked his hips and growled. I love his growls; they’re so incredibly primal and sensual. I kept licking the tip of his cock, languidly at first, circling the head until I could sense his frustration. Slowly I moved my mouth over the head of his cock and took him completely in my mouth, my nose pressed against his abs. I kept my mouth there, running my tongue around the base of his cock. He growled and gyrated at my ministrations.

I finally pulled up off his cock, sucking as hard as I could. I didn’t take my mouth entirely off but focused on the tip, sucking up and down while stroking the base with my hand. Looking up at him, I could see that this was one of his favorite moves, the juxtaposition between my taking him entirely in my mouth then focusing on the tip of his cock.

I alternated between this for a while, taking him completely and focusing on the tip. With a pop his cock sprang from my mouth, I ran it over my lips. I stuck out my tongue and slapped it with his cock, stroking him as I went. When my mouth left him, I heard a moan of disappointment as he looked down at me. I continued to stroke him but moved my mouth to his balls and began to lick them.

With that his head sprang up, he growled loudly.

“Fuck,” he exclaimed.

His hand moved from it’s appointed position toward one of my arms which was stroking his side. My mouth immediately left his balls, and there was a look of annoyance and impatience on his face.

“Where are your hands supposed to be right now?” I asked in the sternest voice I could muster. I had just had his cock in my mouth and wanted it there again, as soon as possible.

“Over my head,” he said reluctantly and moved his arm back over his head.

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked, my hand still stroking his cock.

“I want you to ride me, baby” he purred.

I could hear the agony in his voice. His cock was very, very hard. This was a great deal of foreplay for us, and I had teased him and sucked on his cock for a very long time. I was aching to have him inside me, and I knew he felt the same. I could feel it in the way he moved his hips, the way he looked at me. A look of hunger, impatience and primal need. It was how I felt for him. At this moment I was trying to mask it with a cold, dominant persona.

“No I don’t think so,” I said as I moved up from between his legs to lay next to him on my side.

“I think you need to earn my tight little pussy,” I told him, slowly stroking circles up and down his abs, occasionally moving toward his cock.

“What do you want me to do?” he asked, an eager look on his face.

“Make me an offer, and I’ll see if it’s worthy” I purred into his ear, nipping at his lobe.

“I could kiss you,” he said with the most sincere and hopeful look on his face I think I’d ever seen.

This offer was not what I was expecting. Full disclosure Bill had hurt his tongue that week, so he hadn’t gone down on me in a day (this was incredibly rare as he was the most giving and talented man in that department I’ve ever been with). At that moment, I think fell a little more in love with him.

“Go ahead, Daddy,” I said keeping my reply as calm and relaxed as I could manage.

I leaned down so he wouldn’t have to move his arms, but let him take the lead. He moved his head up to graze my lips with his. His tongue darted out and licked across my lower lip, encouraging me to part them. I complied, and he slid his tongue into my mouth. His tongue danced with mine, and I let out a small moan, wrapping my hands around his neck and pulling his mouth closer to mine. He sucked on my bottom lip, and I moaned again. His tongue continued to play with mine, lips entangled for what seemed like an hour, but could only have been a few minutes.

Finally, I pulled away from him and looked into his eyes. The passion I felt for him never abated, but that kiss had amplified everything I usually felt times 10. Strange how something so simple could get me so incredibly aroused.

“Was I good enough, baby,” he asked staring back at me with those deep brown eyes. Eyes I could get lost in for hours.

I moved to straddle him, rubbing myself up and down his cock without letting him inside me. He growled, and his hands twitched. I could tell he wanted nothing more than to grab my hips and push me down on him.

“You’ve been very good, Daddy.” I finally responded as I slowly slide his cock inside me. This moment is hands down my favorite part of sex. The first time a man enters you, feeling him fill you up, it’s absolutely exquisite, and with Bill, it’s never a disappointment.

He let out a primal growl as his cock filled me, his hips bucked ever so slightly to get in as much of himself as possible. I stopped for a moment, letting the feeling of him fill me. I leaned back and slowly began to ride him. Putting each of my hands on his thighs and arching my back I slowly started to move my hips back and forth. This is one of Bill’s favorite positions, and I love the look on his face as he watches me bounce up and down on his cock.

I could feel my orgasm building, and I began to pick up my pace, moving my hips back and forth then in circles. As I started to cum, my legs began to shake, and my walls began to clench. I collapsed on Bill’s chest letting the pleasure wash over me for a few moments, not moving just feeling. He began to buck his hips inside me. I picked my head up off his chest and kissed him deeply, before starting to ride him again.

At this, he growled, and I could feel his orgasm building. I leaned back and continued to ride him. Out of nowhere, his hands were on my waist, moving me up and down, pushing himself deeper inside me. I grabbed his hands from my waist after a few moments; it took me a few moments to remember the game we were playing.

“Where are your hands supposed to be, Mr. ****” I asked sternly, not moving anymore.

“Damn it,” he said almost under his breath “over my head.” but he didn’t move his hands. He left them on my waist, digging them into my hips.

“So put them there,” I said, bucking my hips ever so slightly to remind him of what he was missing.

“Why don’t you make me,” he said with an amused look on his face.

Why is this funny? Well, because I’m tiny! I’m just 5’2 and not very strong at all. He could literally pick me up and throw me like a sack of potatoes, which he has. Bill is very strong, so this was not a fair fight.

“Well that’s just not fair, you know I’m no match for you,” I said, playing up the weak little girl routine.

“Try” he growled, bucking his hips again and intertwining his fingers with mine at my waist.

I started to try and push his arms back up over his head. I might as well have been trying to force a boulder up a mountain. He wasn’t going to budge, not if he didn’t want to. I moaned in frustration, both sexual and physical. After that he started to let me move his arms back up over his head, fighting me all the way. I struggled, using all my body weight as leverage and the little upper body strength I had to get his hands back up over his head.

When his hands were finally above his head, I breathed an audible sigh of relief. Keeping my hands over his, I leaned down to kiss him and began to move my hips up and down, riding his cock. I could feel him buck underneath me to meet my thrusts. I picked up the pace, my orgasm building as I began to moan more loudly.

I sat up to gain better leverage, arching my back and riding him at a frantic pace. After a few seconds of this Bill growled in frustration, grabbed me by the hips, and staying inside me, flipped me over, so he was on top. I made an audible noise of surprise, wrapped my legs around him as he pounded into me. I met each of his thrusts until my orgasm overwhelmed and my whole body began to shake.

Our night continued like all of our other nights, with him as the dom. The only difference was the length of our sex. Usually, we would have fucked until his alarm went off and it was time for him to leave for his flight. That night he lasted less than an hour, which is incredibly short for us. He came harder than I’ve seen him in a long time.

I don’t know if it was because I teased him for so long or if it was because I had played such a different role than both us are used to playing. It had worked us both us into a frenzy. The next day when I asked him if he liked the whole switching thing over text, he replied: “Fuck, love, absolutely. But next time use your handcuffs so I can’t get out ;)”.

Will there be a next time? You bet your ass there will be, I may have to think of a special outfit to go with those handcuffs before I next see him. Too bad it’s summer. I can imagine showing up at his door in a coat and having on something black, shiny and domme. Summer is a bit less forgiving for those kinds of shenanigans. If you have suggestions, leave them in the comments below!

I learned that when a sub takes control, you can tap into a side of yourself that you never had a chance to play with and it can be incredibly freeing and be exhilarating. As long as you know that by the end of the night you’ll end up being dominated again, trust me you won’t hear any complaints from me!

Up to No Good 😉

7 thoughts on “When a Sub Takes Control

  1. I recently tried my hand at something similar at the request of one of my partners. Femdom-ness required I do a little research – LOL. I do have some suggestions…I think I should send you a private message.


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